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Italy’s exit lockdown plan

Italy has reported 24,114 deaths, the highest recorded toll in Europe. But now her PM discuss the exit lockdown plan/

What PM of Italy said

Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte said:”Italy will announce its plan to gradually exit its lockdown by the end of this week“.

In a Facebook post, Mr Conte said the country could not give up its policy of “maximum caution”, and said Italy would reopen in line with “serious scientific policy”. And he added: “A reasonable expectation is that we will apply it from May 4,”

Data released on Monday showed the number of people officially confirmed as infected with coronavirus had dropped for the first time since the outbreak began. Italian authorities said the symbolic drop of 20 cases was a “positive development”.

Italy is under lockdown measures since 9 March, and now Mr Conte announced that the government is working non-stop to coordinate moves towards “phase two” of its lockdown – “coexistence” with the virus.

What about Greece

As we have mentioned before Greece is the example for all European countries. Greece’s prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who took the decision of lockdown very early since 10 March, announced thw the country will return to normal gradually.

With th 4th May, as the first day το lift some of the measures, the PM announced that the country will be able to exit the lockdown.

First, will open some of shops and businesses and the second step if all are alright according to the experts , schools will open too.

The news are hopefull, despite the fact that Greece went through Easter Vacation. All citizens disciplined  to measures and now they will be able to get their lives back

We’ll be here with more news and we hope  all countries to  exit their lockdown as soon as possible!!



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