What is the seo

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process to optimize your website in order to take organic traffic from the search engines result pages. SEO is a result of more than one rules and techniques in order to get the best rank in search engine’s results.

In this article we’ll see what seo is, how it works  and why it is important for your website, and we’ll also see some techniques you can follow to approve SEO to your website.

How SEO Works

Search engines want to provide the best service for their users. This means delivering results on the search engine pages that are not only high quality but also relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

In order to do this, search engines will scan, or crawl, different websites to better understand what the site is about. This helps them deliver more relevant results to those who are searching for certain topics or keywords.

Similarly, the search engines will scan the site to determine how easy it is to navigate and read, rewarding user-friendly sites with higher rankings on the search engine results page.

SEO is the process that organizations go through to help make sure that their site ranks high in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases.

Why it is important for your website

A SEO – friendly website is always shown at the top of results pages in any search engine. That means more organic traffic to your website and more traffic brings more ads to you and more money.

What are the best SEO techniques

We made a list of thw best SEO tips you can follow ti impove your website:

  • Complete an SEO Audit on your website.
  • Learn what your users want.
  • Create SEO optimized landing pages.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Grow your traffic with infographics.
  • Optimize your content for RankBrain.
  • Write at least 1,890 words.
  • Write a roundup post.
  • Post valuable content on social media
  • Use advanced SEO internal deep linking
  • Send link juice to lower ranked pages
  • Link to external sites with high Domain Authority
  • Snag broken link opportunities on Wikipedia to build links
  • Find and use your competitors’ SEO keywords
  • Use AdWords copy in your on-page SEO
  • Use multiple keywords in SEO page titles
  • Monitor Google Search Console stats
  • Regularly update your old content
  • BONUS – Revamp old articles with more organic traffic potential

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