Google updates its search algorithm regularly as an effort to offer the best online browsing experience to its users. One of the latest updates to the search algorithm by Google comes in the form of Google Freshness algorithm.

Through this update Google promises users the most up to date results based on the freshness of the content. Every time Google updates the algorithm it brings about a lot of changes in the SEO industry. The SEO efforts taken should match the latest algorithmic changes by Google.

Content and information posted on the internet fall under various categories and so are the results. Google freshness update covers the following types of results namely – Recent events or hot topics, recurring events and frequent updates. As per Google’s statement in the official Google blog, this latest update is likely to affect 35% of the queries.

In case of recent events which basically change or affect the search trends users will now be able to find results that are just a few minutes old. You need not have to wait for several days before the recent events are updated. The freshness algorithm ensures that you get closer and the most up to date information on the recent events or hot topics.

Google classifies certain types of content under regularly recurring events such as presidential elections, annual conferences, etc. Users making search queries on such events most probably are looking for the latest occurrence. There is a likelihood that older occurrences getting listed in the results and the latest occurrence ignored in the listing. This is based on the older search algorithm that gives credit to the age of the content and the age of the domain. Now with the Freshness update, Google overrides its algorithm on the age of the content and presents the freshest content and thereby allowing users go get information about the latest event.

The same applies to websites or information that gets updated frequently. It makes more sense to presume that users searching for content that fall under frequently updated category are looking for the latest update or the latest available information on the queried topic.

This does not mean that older content is completely useless or irrelevant to the queries passed. Google recognizes the need to make distinctions on the freshness needs; the freshness algorithm is programmed to make such distinctions between the search queries to guarantee that users get the most relevant results based on the nature of the query passed.

This latest update based on the freshness of the content on the one hand helps the users get right content and the other hand poses the SEO industry with its own challenges. Websites that frequently update the content are likely to get the attention of this search giant. By frequently updating your website’s content you are likely to boost your SERPS. It is not something new that Google gives credit to fresh content and boosts websites that feature fresh content, this latest freshness update only reinforces Google’s stand of providing the most up to date information to its users.

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