Washing machine tips 101

Discover the secrets of laundry – επισκευή service πλυντήρια with a guide that will help you decode the laundry. Washing clothes is not the most difficult job at home. The reason? Modern fabrics and laundry detergents as well as modern technology make the whole process much easier. So, every time you are ready to open the door of the washing machine, you only have to remember the basic principles that you will find in the following guide.

With these instructions washing clothes will become a piece of cake.

Labels on clothes and sheets give you instructions on how to wash them. Based on these, start dividing your clothes into three basic stacks: those that can be washed in the washing machine, those that need to be washed by hand and those that need laundry.

Different wash circles for different colors

Distinguish clothes that can be put in the washing machine based on their color: white, pastel, light gray and those with black and white patterns can be placed in the same wash. Respectively, calculate a separate wash for dark (black, red, dark blue, brown and gray) clothes and sheets.

In addition to the colors, make an extra separation of your clothes based on their fabric. For example, separate your light stack and your dark jeans from your lightest clothing (eg shirts). The reason it is recommended to separate your laundry based on their fabric has to do with the ideal washing temperature. In addition, this way, you protect your clothes from fluffy fabrics.

In case you do not have enough time for separate washes per color and fabric, you can wash all your light colored clothes together, however, setting the program for the sensitive ones.

Use laundry detergent correctly

Use a laundry detergent that is ideal for all fabrics and read the instructions on its label carefully to determine the appropriate amount. If your clothes are stained, be sure to apply a little liquid laundry detergent to the dirty areas. Remember that too much laundry detergent can never be good! It could cause buildup and bacteria forming in your machine. It can also not clean your clothes the correct way as your clothes will be practically “suffocated” by the extreme amounts of detergent.

If your clothes need a simple freshening or are slightly stained, prefer to wash them at low temperatures (30-40οC). Also, make sure you always rinse them with cold water as hot water alters the composition of their fibers.
Before placing them in the washing machine, be sure to check that your jeans and pants pockets are empty. In addition, do not forget to close the zippers and button your shirts.

Be careful with the weight you put in your washing machine

Place your clothes and sheets one by one in the washing machine bucket and be careful not to fill it completely in order to wash them well. Finally, turn over your wool and all your clothes that are made of delicate fabrics (such as corduroy) to avoid the rough look left on them by the washing process. You could really damage your washing machine if you put more clothes than you should. Clothes get heavier when wet so you need to calculate how many

Be sure to wash your sheets and towels at the highest possible temperature once a month for hygiene reasons. See how you will keep your towels soft forever. After the end of each wash, remove the laundry as soon as possible from the tub to prevent creasing and mold and spread them carefully.

Washing machine service

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