Mobile cases – what to look out for before buying

What do you watch out for before buying a new case – θήκες κινητών – for your mobile phone? Below we have gathered some features that you should look out for your mobile case, as well as some required specifications, to be considered premium.

One of the key features we focus on when we want to buy a new case for our mobile phone is its durability. Real-time mobile phone cases meet the US Department of Defense military MIL-STD 810G drop test standard. The cases that carry this certification are designed to withstand shocks and falls from a height of up to 3 meters, while at the same time they have been manufactured according to environmental criteria.

Durable mobile cases – How waterproof is a cell phone case?

If you are an active person, then perhaps, in researching your new case you should notice if and to what extent the mobile case you choose is waterproof. A waterproof case will carry the corresponding certification, with the most effective at the moment being the IP68 certification, which protects to the maximum from dust and water. A smartphone with this certification, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, can reach up to 4m in depth for about 30”, while a smartphone case with the same certification can provide up to 10 meters of immersion for the mobile you, without time limit.

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Protection, Health, Environment

Next, it will be good to observe the materials from which the smartphone cases are made and to choose the one that has been made with health and safety in mind. Such materials must meet US FDA food quality standards. He also preferred cell phone cases that did not contain BPA, BPS or BPF, chemicals commonly used in plastics and have been linked to possible developmental problems in young children, as well as reproductive toxicity.

Product Warranty

A good cell phone case should definitely come with a warranty from its manufacturer. If you are planning to invest in a premium mobile phone case, keep in mind that its warranty should be large enough, such as the warranty on mobile phone cases, which reaches 10 years.

Mobile phone case design

The design of the case is very important both in terms of internal specifications and features, as well as from the outside and style. Proper application is one of the most important features that your mobile phone case should have, as in case it does not touch the phone completely, 100% protection will not be provided. Also, it is quite important to pay attention to whether the case you are interested in is transparent or not, as long as you do not want the appearance and design of the brand to be altered.

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